Corporate Governance

Nirvair Khalsa Jatha UK strives to make education of the utmost quality available to all through the necessary medium of music, poetry and communication with everyone.

Through Katha, Kirtan and Veechar of Gurbani, together we are able to rise both intellectually and physically by understanding what Guru Ji is trying to tell us. We will then be able to represent a Sikh both externally and internally. Sikhs believe everyone, men and women, has equal status before God, who created the universe and all faiths. Human beings are encouraged to develop their moral character through generosity, humility and self-reliance. Self-evidently these values, when embraced will create harmonious tolerant communities who care for their fellow citizens.

Sikhs throughout history are respected for having sacrificed their own lives, so that people of other religions may have freedom to worship in the manner of their choice. Instilling these values into the younger community whose natural language is not Punjabi will benefit society as a whole.

In proliferating this wisdom, we hope to heal and to realise the highest potential for a happy, healthy, prosperous and fulfilling life, to manifest a generous future for our children and to enable realisation of the truth within Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

We are reaching our goal by participating in events in Gurdwara, community halls, and any public accessible space to bring access the message of Sikhism in a way which is both educational and relevant.

Harinder Singh

Managing Director

Balvinder Singh

Director of Media and Logistics

Suraj Singh

Director of Program and Learning

Gurpreet Singh

Director of International Relations

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The Jatha has a number of volunteers from an array of professional backgrounds. Each volunteer who operates under the Jatha goes through an interview process to ensure they meet the legal and safety requirements.

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